Residential Housing

August 2018

Despite what some indicators may show, the housing market is still red-hot.  Single-family starts are still up over last year, with the overall weakening coming from the multi-family segment.  We are holding steady with our forecasts for the remainder of 2018.

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Price go up – Demand go down.  Lower inventory on the market is driving prices up and keeping homeowners from listing. They are telling us they don’t want to move because of expensive homes, lack of affordable lots in areas they want to live and general demographic changes.


After hovering at 3% for the past several years, in the past year ARM’s have gone up nearly 100 basis points and are forecasted to continue to rise into 2019.


Back up over 4.5% after a prolonged period of averaging around 4.0%.  Increased rates combined with higher new and existing home prices are making an impact on affordability.