Residential Housing

September 2018

How to ruin a good thing!  Look to raise interest rates and impose tariffs on important inputs to the housing sector.  While there is a slowing down, the overall market is still strong compared to recent years but our forecasts for next years are being dampened as these influences water down the red-hot housing market.

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Existing Home Sales ChartExisting Home Sales Prices Chart


Price goes up – Demand goes down.  Those areas with greatest price inflation are experiencing the biggest declines in existing home sales.  West region has seen biggest price increases (+4.8% in August) and existing sales are down -7.4%.  Lack of existing homes for sale, combined with too expensive new homes to move to, are keeping sales in the negative range, with no expectation of turning around.

5/1 ARM Chart


ARM’s approaching 4.0% and are forecasted to continue to rise into 2019.

Mortgage Chart


Back up over 4.5% after a prolonged period of averaging around 4.0%.  Increased rates combined with higher new and existing home prices are making an impact on affordability.