What happens when you’ve got a long list of product feature ideas but aren’t sure which ones to include in the product strategy?


That’s the dilemma a large outdoor equipment manufacturer faced with its riding mower line. Our task: help them determine which features to apply to which mowers across their different channels, reduce their total number of SKUs and meet their overall product and channel objectives.




Our response was a comprehensive research program built to determine the needs of riding mower customers across the different channels.  The program brought a range of stakeholders — including dealers, salespersons and technicians— together with groups of consumers for a series of working sessions. In the sessions the combined teams determined which benefits were important to which segments of consumers, and worked through a mapping process in which features with the greatest consumer value were aligned with the most important benefits. 

Based on these sessions we were able to clearly map features to SKU and channel.  To demonstrate the contribution to margins, we created a market simulator that allowed the company to run by-channel scenarios at various price points.



Ultimately the client was able to develop new product lineups and channel strategies that delivered strong incremental growth in all channels. The client was also able to develop an ongoing strategy for identifying and implementing features in future product development cycles.


Case Studies

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