What process do consumers go through when they shop for appliances?


That’s what a major appliance manufacturer wanted to know. The company seemed to be doing a good job of displaying product benefits and features in its POP, but to what extent were those messages influencing consumers?




To find out we designed a shopping ethnography study that began at the very beginning of the purchase decision journey — the moment a consumer decided he or she needed a new appliance.  

To get a first-hand look at the decision process we had moderator/videographer teams visit consumers in their homes to uncover how they researched and evaluated products. Via the internet? Through newspaper ads or store advertisements? 

Next, the team accompanied each consumer on a retail visit to document how they shopped the aisles and interacted with products, POP and salespeople. At each step the influence of the touchpoint was meticulously recorded.  

When the research was concluded, a comprehensive map of the purchase decision journey was created, emphasizing the touchpoints where the manufacturer and retailer had the best chance of capturing attention and influencing choice.



The client used our insights to fundamentally change the company messaging strategy, becoming more aware of the messages they used at various points in the consumer decision process. Online and social media presences were updated to help raise awareness in the early stages of decision, and new POP was developed to create maximum impact in the aisles.


Case Studies

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