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Facts, Figures and Outlooks

For 25+ years, the principals at Senex have aided manufacturers, retailers, dealers, distributors, builders, pro trades and others in understanding how they can grow their businesses.

Residential Construction

Our extensive understanding of housing market trends allows us to identify where opportunities lie. Our information is used to direct where resources can be shifted and gain a greater share of the market.

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Residential Housing Remodeling & Replacement

We identify, monitor and measure trends in remodeling and replacement across a variety of categories from appliances to windows.

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Distribution Channels

Where your products are sold and how they are positioned are as important as product design. For 25 years, we have been helping firms align their product mix strategies to appropriate channels of distribution.

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Products used in and around the home

If a product is installed, placed or used by homeowners, it is likely we have worked in that category. Appliances, cabinetry, doors, flooring, kitchen products of all types, lighting, outdoor power equipment, windows, the list is extensive. We know your products.

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Consumer Shopping & Purchasing Behaviors

The consumer is likely the final decision maker and user of your products and knowing how she thinks, behaves and is influenced by others is key. Our constant monitoring of consumer trends helps us guide you how to influence her.

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Economic Influences

We spent years looking at macroeconomic variables and how they drive industries and markets, only to arrive at the conclusion that these measures broad national averages don’t help highlight opportunities. That’s why we primarily track and monitor economic influences at the market and microlevel.

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