Research & Intelligence for the Home Products Industry


It’s all about clarity

To capitalize on a business opportunity, you have to be able to see it. You have to be able to see how big the opportunity is, where it is, and have a clear picture of the industry trends driving it. 

No one delivers this kind of clear-sighted business intelligence better than Senex. 

We employ a unique research methodology — one that fuses multiple information sources with cross-functional expertise. The result is a single, panoramic, pull-it-all-together view of the marketplace that's true, relevant and strategically and creatively actionable.


The story within the data

Much of what passes for market research is simply data — data that gives, at best, only a fragmentary picture of what's happening in the industry. 

A typical study may tell you that your market is growing, but not why it's growing, who's winning market share, what types of products are selling, or what shifts are occurring among the major trends.

Senex looks beyond the data to uncover the story inside it, then delivers that story using terms, metrics and indicators that are meaningful to you and your business. 

No more trying to divine usable intelligence from mega-studies that may or not be applicable to your segment, your geography, your customers, or your business strategy. With Senex, you always get a clear picture of the terrain ahead.


Timely, regular B2B and B2C intelligence

To stay competitive you need to know what's going on in your market right now. Not last year, but now.

Which is why Senex keeps constant tabs on the home products and services industry, canvassing it regularly, sector by sector, and delivering up-to-date insights in segments where there's often only scant information.

Need B2B intelligence? We'll tell you what the dealers and channel players are up to: what the the trends are among architects, designers, contractors and other key influencers, and who wins when these players choose the product. We'll help you estimate "the size of the prize" among the available opportunities, and evaluate the implications of your pricing strategies.

Are you a B2C company? We'll tell you what’s going on with consumers this season. We'll detail their buying habits, and tell who's winning when the consumer choose the product.


The agile approach

We replace the traditional multi-shop, assembly-line model of research gathering and interpretation with a unique, unified process that blurs the distinction between disciplines, and brings experts from trend and market simulation fields together around the same table.

This flexible and organic method — which closely resembles the agile product development process — emphasizes people and interactions over processes and tools, actionable insights over exhaustive reporting, interdisciplinary collaboration over silos, and ongoing adaptation over rigid procedures.

We don't dispute the value of formal processes, tools, reporting and procedure. We simply believe that interaction, collaboration and adaptation tend to produce more — and more useful — insights.


Helping R&D teams down the creative path.

While much of our business is geared to the needs of brand managers and product marketers, a significant proportion of the projects we take on are for product designers. 

We have a very specific role in the creative process. We don’t design (indeed we don't presume to be designers). Our role is to identify the product themes and customer benefits that help designers do what they do best: create winning products.



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