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Residential Housing Remodeling & Replacement

Over 75 million owner occupied homes in the U.S. are in constant state of upkeep. We identify, monitor and measure trends in remodeling and replacement across a variety of categories from appliances to windows.

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Facts, Figures and Outlooks

Residential Housing – September 2018

Residential Housing September 2018 How to ruin a good thing!  Look to raise interest rates and impose tariffs on important inputs to the housing sector.  While there is a slowing down, [...]

Housing – August 2018

Residential Housing August 2018 Despite what some indicators may show, the housing market is still red-hot.  Single-family starts are still up over last year, with the overall weakening coming from the [...]

Housing – July 2018

Residential Housing July 2018 We are recognizing that the problem for housing today is coming from the supply side. Throughout our discussions with builders over the past 12 months, they unanimously [...]