Competitive Analysis

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Its all about your business, users, product, and the challenges you have.

Discovery process

We likely know your competitors and have, at one time, evaluated their products, their performance and their strengths and weaknesses.  During this initial phase we define the clear objectives of what this comprehensive term ‘competitive analysis’ means.  Many times, we are asked to discover only a particular aspect of a product or market, and many times we are engaged to provide a complex overview of how to compete most effectively against competitors.

Development Process

We design our plans to bring you the most comprehensive understanding of your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses, including recommendations on out-performing them.  These engagements rarely depend solely on data, but rely heavily on customers, end-users, channel partners and others.  They include learning the thoughts, perceptions and workings between a competitor and their customers, as well as working with you.  It is through these conversations that the issues and opportunities are identified and can then be projected to sales opportunities or product gaps.


A comprehensive overview is provided of the competition and how your products, services, experiences and support compare. Deliverables take on many forms from providing analysis of strengths and weaknesses about the competition to providing quantified assessments of sales, opportunities, losses or gaps.

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Other Services

Product Innovation & Insights

Find out what features and benefits resonate most with your target customers, and how much they’re willing to pay.

Distribution Strategy

Get insight into direct-to-consumer and omni-channel distribution to uncover ways to drive growth.

Market and Segment Forecasting

Is the segment, market, channel growing? Will that trend continue? Senex provides the answers to increasingly dynamic markets.

Market Share

Everyone’s facing fierce competition from other similar products, from the very retail partners sworn to help you sell and from other retailers and online merchants looking to grow their business. Sales growth doesn’t always mean share growth.

Customer Insights

Need to better understand your customers, your competitors’ customers, and how they view your business, products and brands? We provide insights into how they behave when you’re not directly interacting with them and what is driving their business and strategies in your categories.