Product Innovation & Insights

Find out what features and benefits resonate most with your target customers, and how much they’re willing to pay.

Distribution Strategy

Get insight into direct-to-consumer and omni-channel distribution to uncover ways to drive growth.

Market and Segment Forecasting

Is the segment, market, channel growing? Will that trend continue? Senex provides the answers to increasingly dynamic markets.

Market Share

Everyone’s facing fierce competition from other similar products, from the very retail partners sworn to help you sell and from other retailers and online merchants looking to grow their business. Sales growth doesn’t always mean share growth.

Customer Insights

Need to better understand your customers, your competitors’ customers, and how they view your business, products and brands? We provide insights into how they behave when you’re not directly interacting with them and what is driving their business and strategies in your categories.

Competitive Analysis

Uncover competitors’ sales, strengths, and weaknesses, identify white spaces, and understand your market like never before.


Answering the Toughest Questions

my market

my product

my distribution

+ Which channels are growing?

+ Am I getting my share of channel growth?

+ If I got direct to my customer, how will that affect other channels?
Our mission is to democratize market intelligence. Our firm is built upon the belief that there are better, faster and more cost-effective ways to bring strategic market intelligence and insights to all businesses.

Bob Tancula

President, Senex

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