Market Share

Big Ass Fans


Identifying, analyzing, and creating a market share measurement capability for BAF at home and abroad.

How we got it done

1. Thorough investigation of competing manufacturers included conversations with competing executives to determine causes of changes in the market.

2. Identified nonresidential construction statistics and forecasts

3. These were used to classify the markets into the appropriate commercial and industrial classification.

4. Brand sales for the past years were analyzed for trends in mix changes, growth rates and pricing.

5. Surveyed nonresidential construction contractors


Estimates of market size were provided over a 5 year historical period and a 3-year forecasted period. Market shares were also provided for the same periods, without a forecast.

Client found these estimates to be much more believable and fit with their perceptions based on what they had been hearing from other sources.

Recommendations were made about how to recoup lost market share and why share losses were occurring.  Competitors grabbing market share were identified and recommendations were made about how to combat these.

Big Ass Fans continues to use Senex for the following

— Market Share measurements at home and abroad

— Competitive Analysis

— Market and Segment Forecasting