Determine which segments and areas will be growing.

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Discovery process

We work closely with you to understand your sources for market and segment data and your sales data.  Before we can build our models, we need to thoroughly understand how you view the markets and segments in which you operate.  This period of discovery enables us to identify the objectives in your terms and definitions, not just ours.

Development Process

Once we thoroughly understand the available information and definitions, we develop our models to either validate, or create, data on the size of the markets and segments.  These statistical or econometric models are used to identify those key drivers of growth, including lagging, coincident and leading indicators.


Market sizes, segment sizes, growth rates and trends by products, categories, segments, channels or industry.  Depending upon your needs, we can generate historical, current and forecasted trends, as well as the indicators influencing your business.

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Determine which products are maximizing their potential.


Determine if you are working with the right dealers, retailers and distributors.

Market Share

Determine market shares and where to allocate resources.


Determine which customers should be your target.


Determine how to out-sell your competitors