Determine if you are working with the right dealers, retailers and distributors.

Get understanding about how changes in distribution patterns are influencing your products, segments and markets. As brands frequently look to direct distribution, understand what impacts that will have on your current distribution.

How we can help you

Discovery process

We work closely with you to understand your current salespatterns through channels of distribution. We identify other data sources that can be used to evaluate marketshares by channels, by products and by customers or end-users.  Understanding inter-relationships betweenyour brand, your channel partners and your end-users is the first step developingour recommendations and impact analysis of changes, real or proposed, in yourdistribution strategies.

Development Process

We design our approach to measure the different distribution channels your products and competitors’ products sell through and the inter-relationships between channels and brands, including the behaviors of the end customers purchasing through the variety of channels. Often additional information is needed, particularly when assessing direct-to-consumer/customer plans, and research and insights are incorporated into a simulation model.


Using our models that provide the capabilities to simulate changes in distribution across channels, and direct, we deliver recommendations and forecasts of how proposed changes may impact your current business.

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