Market Share

Determine market shares and where to allocate resources.

We track market shares and unit sales for dozens of products across the home improvement category, using a number of economic and statistical analyses to generate reports with the highest degree of accuracy in the industry.

How we can help you

Discovery process

We work closely with you to understand your current data sources, which are valuable, and which are redundant. Once we have evaluated your data and information sources, we identify gaps where new information may be needed and build out our plan to deliver you the most accurate market shares.

Development Process

Once we thoroughly understand the information available, we develop a comprehensive plan that will enable us to produce the most accurate market shares available. There may be a need to collect new information or add from our library of insights. Once the information needed is identified, we create our models and algorithms.


Accurate estimates of your market shares, market sizes, competitive market shares and competitive sales. Depending upon your needs, we can generate historical, current and forecasted trends in shares andsizes.

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